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Indoor Spray Painting vs Outdoor Spray Painting

Indoor Spray Painting vs Outdoor Spray Painting
January 29, 2019 APT Spray Painting

Most people are aware of the fact that attempting to spray paint indoors can be very dangerous. But spray painting in a spray booth is completely different. Spray painting booths are designed to provide a controlled and safe environment in which to paint various objects. And they have significant advantages over spray painting outside, especially when it comes to acquiring a smooth finish on a product. In this article, we take a closer look at how spray painting in a booth compares to doing so outside, and what makes it a much more preferable process for professional painters. Read on for the differences between Indoor vs Outdoor Spray Painting. 

More environmentally friendly.

Here at APT Spray Painting, we carry out all of our services within the secure and controlled environment of a spray booth in Brisbane. A spray booth is essential to achieving a smooth, sleek finish to your product or item. The pressurised and filtered air prevents airborne particles such as dust and debris from settling on the wet paint, causing unsightly bumps in the overall finish. When investing in booth spray painting services, you can rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality commercial finish, and with a quick turnaround to boot!

A wide range of high-quality finishes available

Have you ever thought about how many harmful chemicals are dispersed into the atmosphere when spray paint is applied to items outdoors? A spray booth keeps these potentially toxic chemicals in a confined space, processing them before the air in the booth is released outdoors. With a spray booth, more control can be asserted over the type of air that leaves the chambers, ensuring that it isn’t immediately released without any forethought to the local flora and fauna that it could harm.

Achieves a smoother finish.

The quality of air is closely monitored and filtered in a spray painting booth. Dust and debris aren’t swept into the booth due to strong winds or even light breezes, which can cause particles to settle on wet coats when spray painting outside. As you can imagine, this results in bumpy, uneven finishes. It is far easier to achieve a flawless professional finish when spray painting inside a booth.

Improved product testing.

Some items require more rigorous spray painting procedures than others. Industrial and marine equipment, in particular, need to be tested carefully in very specific environments to ensure that the paint has been applied correctly to prevent rust and decay. Dew point, humidity and atmospheric temperatures may need to be tested, and these processes can be carried out with better precision in a controlled environment such as a spray booth. Attempting to conduct these tests outdoors would be very difficult and, more often than not, can present unreliable results.

Safer surroundings.

Spray paint can react with a variety of other airborne substances, causing chemical reactions which can place the technician in danger of being exposed to sudden combustion. Spray booths are designed to control atmospheric conditions within the space, filtering the air to ensure the safety of the technician and the equipment. Outdoors, it’s difficult to maintain a safe environment as elements beyond the technician’s control, such as the weather or the actions of neighbours, can jeopardise security. A spray booth is a clutter-free zone where the technician can work efficiently and concentrate solely on the job at hand knowing that there is no risk of external factors wreaking havoc during the process.

We hope our Indoor vs Outdoor Spray Painting blog has helped you understand which service is right for your job. Here at APT Spray Painting, we specialise in booth spray painting services within the Brisbane region. Our 10m x 5m x 3m semi-downdraft spray painting booth is fully equipped to handle jobs from a large range of industries and businesses. Our typical turnaround time is just seven to ten days, and we provide quality assurance for all products, including those requiring heavy-duty spray painting such as marine and industrial equipment. Contact us today to make an inquiry.