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Why booth spray painting is the best for commercial finishes!

Why booth spray painting is the best for commercial finishes!
October 28, 2018 APT Spray Painting

Do you require a high-quality spray painting job to be carried out on your equipment, signs, products or infrastructure? Booth spray painting is the only method that will provide a flawless professional and commercial finish to your items.

When spray painting using a spray booth, the environment is 100% controlled, meaning your gear isn’t subject to adverse weather and dust particles ruining the paint, or the outside temperature slowing down progress. The booth is a large enclosed area that’s pressurised and filtered, ensuring only the best quality conditions for spray painting, giving you the best commercial finishes every time. In this article, we outline a handful of the benefits you’ll enjoy when choosing booth spray painting services for your next project.

Provides a smoother finish.

As mentioned above, when spray painting using a spray booth, factors such as the air quality and pressure can be controlled. Protection from dust, pollen and outside pollution during spray painting is essential to prevent any of these particles from settling on the wet paint, leaving unsightly bumps and lumps in the finished surface. All of these particles are removed from the air via a filter so that only the highest quality, smooth commercial finishes are achieved.

Allows for better attention to detail.

The controlled environment present in the spray booth also means that there are zero distractions for technicians. Without having to worry about rain, wind or debris, they can concentrate fully on the job at hand. There’s nothing worse than getting your product back from the painter’s and realising that they’ve done a rush job because they needed to finish up outside before the weather turned. Booth spray painting eliminates this concern.

Are you looking for quality workmanship, a quick turnaround and a commercial finish on a spray painting job? Contact APT Spray Painting today to discuss your requirements.

Decreases equipment downtime.

Another advantage of working in the controlled environment that a spray booth provides is that the time it takes for the paint to dry on your product isn’t at the mercy of the outside elements. Paint dries very slowly in damp weather, so if it’s raining and there is plenty of moisture in the air, this can drastically limit progress when painting outside. And when several coats need to be completed, it can mean that you will experience long waiting periods to receive your products and equipment back. It’s never good news for your business if it relies on the equipment that you are currently waiting to be painted! Temperature can be better controlled in a spray booth, yielding optimum drying conditions for increased efficiency. None of the coats are rushed. Structure, schedules and quality are easier to maintain with booth spray painting.

What items can be booth spray painted?

As long as your asset, machinery or equipment fits within the booth itself, it can be spray painted! At APT Spray Painting, our spray booth is perfect for applying top quality commercial finishes to items such as signs, machinery, equipment and infrastructure. Our large spray booth is 10m x 5m x 3m and is equipped with all the necessary apparatus to suspend your objects safely for even, smooth painting all over. We provide single pack, 2 pack and water-based finishes to a wide variety of materials. Want to know more about our services and capabilities? Contact APT Spray Painting today!