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Industrial Spray Painting

Why Do You Need Industrial Spray Painting?

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Industrial spray painting is all about protecting the material underneath to prevent wear and tear and corrosion. When it comes to industrial equipment, every extra day in service equals more dollars made. APT Spray Painting specialises in creating industrial paint systems that help your machinery and equipment get the longest life expectancy without preventable repairs needing to occur.

A Complete System for Protection

Creating and applying an industrial spray paint coat requires a high level of skill and experience in knowing what paint systems work best with certain machines. Our team of professional spray painters have a proven history of excellence when creating custom industrial paint systems. We understand the unique requirements of different industries and materials, and our experienced technicians are well-versed in selecting the most suitable paints and coatings for each project. Whether it’s metal, plastic or other substrates, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Custom Industrial Spray Painting

Industrial spray painting techniques are custom-designed to protect the material underneath the equipment to prevent natural wear and tear. The type of coatings may vary depending on the type of equipment and material but some of the most popular 2-pack paint coatings include epoxy or zinc primers, polyurethane top coats and isocyanate-free urethanes.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Industrial spray painting uses specialised spray equipment to apply protective and decorative coatings to heavy machinery, equipment, and other large industrial components. The sprayers allow paint, primers, and other coatings to be evenly and efficiently applied compared to brush painting.

    • The process typically kicks off with a meticulous surface cleansing using sandblasting and high-pressure washing to remove any existing paint and debris. The industrial blasting and painting process guarantees that the surface is thoroughly cleaned so that no unwanted particles remain on the substrate.
    • Following this, a primer is expertly applied to augment paint adhesion and produce a flawless, seamless finish.
    • Once the primer is in place, the industrial spray painting process commences, applying the desired industrial paint coating.
    • To provide added protection against the elements and minimise the risk of rusting, a final top coat is applied.

Industrial spray painting requires training and the proper safety precautions to do effectively. When done right, it can significantly extend the life expectancy of heavy equipment and machinery. Overall, industrial spray painting is essential for protecting and preserving the high-value assets that companies rely on.

What Sets Industrial Paint Apart

Heavy equipment operates in some of the harshest conditions – exposed to the elements, abrasive materials and chemicals. Normal paint just won’t cut it. Industrial painting uses specialised paints and application techniques to create a thick, durable coating that can withstand these punishing environments. The sprayed-on paint protects the metal from corrosion and weathering, helping to maximise the working life of the equipment. Better yet, the paint can be selected to withstand a range of other variables such as exposure to sunlight or salt air and extreme high or low temperatures.

How Industrial Spray Painting Extends Equipment Life Expectancy

Industrial spray painting is essential for extending the lifespan of heavy-duty equipment like cranes, bulldozers, farm machinery and plant machinery. When done properly, it provides a durable protective coating that shields metal surfaces from the elements. At APT Spray Painting, we utilise a 10m x 5m x 3m industrial spray paint booth which provides us with a controlled environment to ensure our paint systems have a smoother finish and flawless application.

Prevents Rust and Corrosion

The harsh conditions that industrial equipment operates in – like extreme weather, chemicals, and humidity – can cause rust and corrosion over time which deteriorates metal. Industrial spray paint forms an impermeable seal over metal that keeps moisture and oxygen out. This prevents rust from forming in the first place and stops existing rust from spreading further.

Protects Against Abrasion

The heavy-duty nature of industrial equipment means its metal surfaces are subject to constant abrasion from materials it handles, like dirt, rocks, and debris. Quality industrial spray paint contains hardeners and binders that create an abrasion-resistant coating. This ‘armour’ protects the base metal from wear and scratches that can damage equipment over the long run.

Maintains Appearance

While functionality is most important for heavy equipment, spray painting also helps maintain its appearance which impacts resale value and brand reputation. A fresh coat of paint in company colours or simply a neutral shade gives an overall impression of a well-maintained machine. This appearance of reliability and durability inspires confidence in customers and clients.
Industrial spray painting should be done by professionals experienced in working with heavy-duty equipment. They have the proper safety gear, sprayers, and paint to do the job efficiently while avoiding overspray. The initial investment in professional spray painting services will pay off through significantly extended equipment lifespan, reduced repair costs, and higher resale value. Keeping your equipment in working order for longer – that’s smart asset management.

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“Since 2013, MSL has trusted all of it’s powder coating and spray painting requirements to P & J Powder Coatings. Now as a separate entity, APT Spray Painting will take over the spray painting side of the business. APT Spray Painting is a family owned and operated business that has always worked closely with us to provide excellent service and a quality finish to our products. MSL is a very demanding customer and to date those demands have been met to satisfaction.”

John Christie, Director of Medical & Surgical Lighting Pty Ltd