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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What industries do you work with?

    We work with a wide and diverse range of industries, including:

    • Manufacturing industries that produce steel and need their items painted in a custom colour.
    • Enclosures – fire pump enclosures, switchboards, electrical enclosures, housings.
    • Lighting – high-end lighting fixtures that need extra protection.
    • Engineering & Industrial – Heavy machinery or vehicles that need a robust and heavy-duty paint system to protect them from deterioration.
    • Construction – Supports, features and machinery to give them advanced protection measures from things like concrete cancer, rust, oxidation, etc.
    • Street Art items that want a vibrant and protective paint coat that looks great and improves the longevity of an item.
    • Marine & Aquatic – Our paint systems offer protection from water corrosion and rust which are common problems in marine environments. As such, our services are frequently used in aquatic environments.
    • Signage that needs colours to be reliable and expected to last a certain period of time without fading or being damaged.

    For more examples see our services.

  • What are your trading hours?

    APT SPray Painting is open from Monday to Thursday from 7am until 3:30pm and from 7am until 1pm on Fridays.

  • Do you spray paint on-site?

    APT Spray Painting opts to use booth spray painting services because of its superior advantages over outdoor painting. Because of this, we do not spray on-site.

  • Can you spray paint anti-graffiti?

    Yes. An anti-graffiti coating prevents graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces so it can be easily broken down and washed off of your item. We can apply this coating to any job we complete at APT Spray Painting.

  • Will you paint 2 pack matt and satin finishes?

    Yes, we can. APT Spray Painting’s team of specialists can put several finishes on your job. We offer a variety of spray painting finishes, including gloss, matt, satin, special effects, metallic and stains.

  • Can you spray paint plastic?

    Yes, we can put a protective coat of paint on a broad list of materials, even things other services may struggle with. APT SPray painting can paint materials such as PVC, carbon fibre, polished metals, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), timber and much more.

  • Can you paint over a powder coat?

    Yes, we can. We can prime pretty much any surface for spray painting.

  • Is your paint UV stable?

    Yes it is. We have a range of UV stable paint systems that can better protect your item from the elements. Our high-quality, full gloss, UV stable, polyurethane 2 pack paint offers the best UV protection, but we have systems that offer various levels of protection.

  • What is the maximum size object you can paint?

    We can spray paint any plant, machinery or other industrial/commercial objects that fit in our booths. The booth size is 10 meters long, 3 meters high and 5 meters wide. Anything we paint needs to be smaller than these dimensions.

  • Can you colour match to a sample?

    Yes, we can. APT Spray Painting’s expert team can closely match any colour! We can also match the gloss level of the paint.

  • Do you paint house furniture?

    We don’t generally paint house furniture, as we are set up and equipped for painting high-end industrial jobs. There are other companies out there who are better set up to paint your furniture. We tend to suggest you find someone who can come to your house or find someone local who is set up for this.

  • I have been given a paint specification for some parts that we are manufacturing for a client. Is that something that you can help with?

    Yes, we certainly can. We will generally ask you to send us an email with all the job details, including the paint specification, so we can get pricing and check paint availability. This process typically only takes a few days.

Conveniently located in Tingalpa, Brisbane (just minutes away from the Gateway Bridge), APT Spray Painting’s state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect solution for all your commercial and industrial spray painting requirements. Give us a call today to find out more 07 3390 5721.

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