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Our Process

Beautiful, long-wearing paint.

Our Process

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1. Preparation

When it comes to high-quality paintwork, preparation is key. A well-prepared substrate is like building your house on solid foundations. Before we start painting your job, we’ll complete a thorough inspection to ensure there’s no faults or damage which requires repair. We’ll also clean all the surfaces to remove any dust, wax, grease or residue, and remove any dints or imperfections.

The types of substrates that we apply paint to include:




Aluminium Composite Material

Carbon Fibre


Mild steel

Stainless steel

Zinc anneal

Galvanised steel

Cast steel

Polished metals


Cast alloy

Specialty metals – aerospace, motorsport, military





2. Sanding

Every material requires different preparation, so our expert team will assess your needs individually. If we find that your job has an uneven surface, we’ll sand and bog the substrate as necessary to ensure it’s smooth and ready for a coat of primer. Some substrates require hand prep only, as they are very delicate. For example, aluminium requires an acid etch and chromate conversion coating, whereas raw steel requires a class 2.5 abrasive blast.

3. Jigging & Booth Setup

Once we’ve prepared the substrate, it’s time for paint. We’ll load your job into our protective booth and suspend it in the air on a portable gantry system so that the paint can be applied all over evenly. It’s important that the jigging is done by a professional because if it’s done incorrectly you could damage the items being painted or leave marks.

4. Primer Coats

After your job is jigged, we’ll start with a primer, which helps the paint bond and adhere to the surface. We can also apply an intermediate high build coat, depending on the environment that your product will be in, via spray paint-gun in our booth. Some products are weather dependent, so we need to measure dew point, humidity and atmospheric temperatures. Experience will help us determine what order the coats get done, and the process of application to ensure the protective coating looks and performs at it’s best.

5. Colour Coats

After the primer coats, we’ll apply your colour coats, and clear coats if required. We can do limitless colours and multiple colours in one job. The paint thickness gets measured along the way with wet film thickness gauges. The completed dry film also gets checked for thickness with our Elcometer. After the paint is dry, every job is quality assured and checked for perfection before we hand it back to you.

Safeguarding against wear and tear.

Protection from corrosion

At APT Spray Painting, we want your paintwork to last a long time. So we carefully select different paint systems based on the environment your job will be used in. For example, when we paint medical and surgical equipment we use taint free products to suit the surgical environment. With the transport industry, we use heavy duty, UV stable paint systems that can deal with heat, wear and tear. Similarly, with marine environments, we use a zinc-rich coating system to extend the life of marine-based jobs. We also use primer, barrier and top coats that are specifically suited to a marine environment.

When we choose your paint system, we’ll also consider the cost of your goods. For example, we always use very heavy duty paint systems to protect and care for mining assets, because the machinery is very expensive to maintain and replace. We’ll select paints which protect your job from chemical corrosion and constant wear and tear.

Can paint any machinery or equipment that fits in our 10m booth

7-10 days standard turnaround time

Limitless paint colours available

Competitive pricing

30 years of experience

Workmanship guaranteed

Excellent service and a quality finish.

“Since 2013, MSL has trusted all of it’s powder coating and spray painting requirements to P & J Powder Coatings. Now as a separate entity, APT Spray Painting will take over the spray painting side of the business. APT Spray Painting is a family owned and operated business that has always worked closely with us to provide excellent service and a quality finish to our products. MSL is a very demanding customer and to date those demands have been met to satisfaction.”

John Christie, Director of Medical & Surgical Lighting Pty Ltd