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What items can be booth spray painted?

What items can be booth spray painted?
December 14, 2018 APT Spray Painting

We’re often asked what type of objects can be spray painted in our spray booth, and the short answer is lots! Here at APT Spray Painting, we believe spray painting is the best way to achieve a professional commercial finish on a product.

One of the reasons why we stand by this belief is because spray paint can be applied to a massive range of materials, unlike other painting methods such as powder coating. Objects can be finished using a variety of techniques, colours and paints, and achieve a thick, protective covering at the same time. In this article, we outline a few of the most popular items that make their way through our spray booth, and how they have benefited from the application of spray paint

If it fits in our spray booth, we can paint it!

The most efficient and effective way to apply spray paint to an object is in a spray booth. The ventilated and controlled environment ensures that no dust, debris or dirt settles on the surface of the wet paint, creating ugly and uneven bumps. Achieving a smooth, even finish is the goal of all spray painting technicians, and this is only possible in a spray booth. So now that you know why we conduct only booth spray painting services here at APT Spray Painting, what exactly can fit in the booth? Our semi-downdraft spray painting booth is 10m x 5m x 3m. Anything (except for a few rare materials) that fits within those dimensions can be spray painted. It’s that simple.

Materials that can be booth spray painted

Spray paint can be applied to a diverse range of materials including common substrates such as plastic, metal, glass and timber. Specialty metals such as those found in the aerospace and motorsports industries, and the military, can also be booth spray painted. Carbon fibre, cast alloy, acrylic, zinc anneal and melamine can all undergo spray painting as a hardy finish to a product. If you have an object made of unusual material and aren’t sure whether spray paint will provide a suitable finish, contact the team at APT. We can discuss the properties of our paints to deduce whether they will complement your item.

Industries and items that benefit from booth spray painting

One of the best parts of our job is discovering new objects that can be spray painted to achieve a polished commercial finish. We’ve had some pretty interesting items make their way through our spray booth over the years, and you may be surprised by what types of objects can be improved by spray painting in terms of both aesthetics and durability.

Aviation & airport equipment
Airport stair truck frames
Airport baggage truck conveyor frames

Civil infrastructure & city council commissions
Street art/public sculpture
Stainless steel bins (UV stabilised and anti-graffiti clear coats)
Post boxes
Fire pump enclosures

Industrial equipment
Generator sets
Solar powered CSG valve operation frames
Skids with integrated fuel tanks

Vehicle accessories
Ute canopies
Ute and small truck trays
Ute toolboxes

Construction materials
Quad speakers
Light fixtures

…And more! For a full list of industries and specifications that we work with, see our services page.

Specifications that can be met with booth spray painting
Spray painting is an ideal finishing method for items required to meet special criteria or adhere to strict regulations. For example, here at APT, we can provide spray painting services so that the warranty on your product will not be voided. We also have experience finishing mil-spec items. Our zinc-rich coating systems are ideal for aquatic equipment used in the maritime industry, and our UV stabilised paints are applied to objects used in the transport industry and for civil infrastructure. We can even source taint-free products to maintain a sterile environment when spray painted objects are implemented in a surgical or medical setting. If you have strict criteria to meet, we’re all ears!

The technicians at APT Spray Painting are Brisbane’s leading commercial spray painting experts. Achieve a quality finish on your product, item or object by contacting us today!