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What can fit in our spray painting booths?

What can fit in our spray painting booths?
December 7, 2018 APT Spray Painting

You may feel as though you’re being restricted when told that your object requiring spray painting has to fit within the confines of a spray booth.
But you would be surprised at just how many large and unusual items will actually squeeze in there with enough wiggle room to perform high-quality spray painting! Especially here at APT Spray Painting, where our large, 10m x 5m x 3m, semi-downdraft booth has housed all kinds of bulky equipment, from ute canopies to gym lockers and large pieces of machinery.

Just how big is the spray booth?

To give you a little context, our 10m x 5m x 3m spray booth is a bit bigger than a standard double garage. If you have very large machinery that needs spray painting, don’t just assume that it won’t fit in the spray booth! We may be able to spray it in pieces, and indeed it may be better for the equipment if we do. Always contact us if you are unsure and we’ll be able to assess your unique situation.

What type of objects will fit in our spray painting booth?

Commercial vehicle accessories.

We commonly carry out spray painting services on ute canopies, trays and tool boxes. When your vehicle is your mobile business, you want it to look sleek and professional. Spray painting is by far the best way to achieve an even, vibrant finish to showcase your branding.

Mining, engineering and industrial equipment.

Heavy-duty equipment needs a durable and weather-resistant coating to keep it functioning at its best and protect it from corrosion. We can spray paint large parts of big machinery, such as the buckets of earth movers or drill components. We’re frequently asked to paint items following specific instructions, to maintain warranty conditions or comply with Australian Standards, as is common in these industries.

Medical equipment.

Entrust APT Spray Painting with the professional finishing of your medical equipment! From trolleys to cabinets, benchtops and mobility devices, we ensure that we use taint-free products inside our spray painting booths so that you can maintain strict sanitary conditions in the surgery and practice.


Possibly the most obvious object requiring spray painting services is signage. Whether it’s for your business, for a city or local council, schools, clubs or institutions, ensure that you make an excellent first impression with vibrant colours and precise lines. Traffic signs, opening hours signs, advertising signs or warning signs – you name it, we can paint it, as long as it fits in our booth!

Marine and aquatic equipment.

Choosing the correct paint for underwater or coastal conditions can be a tricky business. But we’re practised in coating marine equipment here at APT. From dinghy’s to parts of a much larger ship, infrastructure that needs to stand in the water and pier materials, our zinc-rich coating system will extend the life of your aquatic equipment by years!

Military equipment.

Military equipment often needs to meet uncompromisable specifications, and we know how to read a brief! Courier boxes, vehicle parts and weaponry casings can all be finished with hard-wearing spray paint. Aircraft components can also benefit from a spray painted finish. We can carry out spray painting services on equipment for the Australian airforce, navy and army.

Civil infrastructure and construction equipment.

A large majority of what we do is spray painting parts of much larger infrastructure or construction projects. Even enormous structures such as bridges need to start out in smaller components, and this is ideal when it comes to spray painting as it allows the finishing to be accomplished in controlled spray booth conditions. We’ve spray painted quad speakers for sports stadiums as well as light fixtures for industrial warehouses, to name a few. We’re very good at matching existing colours so that your building, stadium, hospital, or sports facility enjoys a seamless visual flow.

Want to know more about the types of materials we are capable of spray painting here at APT Spray Painting in Tingalpa? View our process here or contact us today to determine whether your object will fit in our spray painting booths!