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How Spray Paint Can Protect Switchboard Enclosures From The Elements

How Spray Paint Can Protect Switchboard Enclosures From The Elements
May 19, 2021 APT Spray Painting

If your business is involved with power distribution and providing enclosures such as switchboards and distribution boards, then APT Spray Painting may be an invaluable resource for your supply chain.

What if we told you there was a way to offer your clients superior protection of their commercial switchboards and distribution boards from deterioration, while also making them match any existing colours or corporate colours that need colour matching to your business or building’s style? 

Enter professional, protective, 2 pack spray painting

When it comes to switchboards, many people are happy to leave them with the factory finish. Not only does this make them stick out like a sore thumb, but their longevity isn’t as good as it could be.

APT Spray Painting has worked on plenty of commercial switchboards to enhance aesthetics and better protect the casings from the elements. 

half tone switchboard-feature

Here’s how professional spray paint improves your switchboard protection: 


The switchboard protection process starts right away with our high-quality paint systems. We use high-end quality primers that protect the switchboard in multiple ways. The primer is the starting point for protecting the metal that the commercial switchboard is made from. The primer protects against weathering, abrasion, solvents, chemicals and heat. For example, if your item is exposed to a coastal environment, we may use a zinc-rich primer to ensure better protection from rusting. That’s just one of many specialised coats that we can use to improve your switchboard protection. 

alt="Large high end pale eucalypt switchboard painted by APT Spray Painting"

Top Coat

The primer alone won’t protect the switchboard; it needs the assistance of a durable top coat. The top coat offers additional protective characteristics as well as applies the desired end colour to the board. Our paint systems provide improved UV stability compared to ordinary paints and coatings. We recommend most commercial switchboard jobs opt for a high gloss finish as it offers ‘self-cleaning’ characteristics. The elements in our gloss paint also make it more difficult for dirt and dust to gather on the surface, unlike some other top coats, which trap dust particles easier.


On the topic of colour, several switchboards are white on the inside to bounce as much light as possible. However, they can be different colours on the outside, depending on what the client needs. Sometimes clients are upgrading their power distribution assets and need to match an existing colour palette. The APT Spray Painting team is often called on for our colour matching services to ensure the closest possible colour to the existing switchboards. 


Extra Services

Depending on our client’s needs, we might also apply an extra anti-graffiti clear coating to the commercial switchboard. If the client needs to match existing powder coated boards, we might also need to put a ‘ripple’ effect into the paintwork so that it is sympathetic to the texture of any powder coated boards that it is co-located with.

If you want the benefits of protecting your commercial switchboards with professional spray paint, contact the team at APT Spray Painting today. Be sure to get in touch for more information.