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Check Out These Amazing Spray Paint Transformations!

Check Out These Amazing Spray Paint Transformations!
June 18, 2019 APT Spray Painting

Spray painting is an easy and relatively cheap way to give a whole range of items a new lease on life. But what happens when you scale up the project, to re-paint previously old and boring looking water towers, silos and walls, to give them a new lease on life? You create art, on a much larger scale that is enriching for the community. Brisbane street artists are doing exactly that and travelling up and down the east coast transforming these once plain cylinders, into works of art. APT Spray Painting is thrilled to share the beautiful work these local Brisbane artists are creating! Check out some of these amazing spray paint transformations that are on show in our backyard!


Thallon is a quaint town in the Balonne Shire. Located approximately six hours south west of Brisbane, Thallon has become somewhat of a famous attraction due to its beautiful silo art. This monster artwork titled ‘The Watering Hole’, was painted by Travis Vinson (Drapl) and Joel Fergie (The ZooKeeper). Drapl and The ZooKeeper stated that the piece completed in Thallon was inspired by the works of three local photographers.


Brisbane artist Sam Wilkinson left nothing in the tank when he was commissioned to paint this stunning water tower in Moura. At 18 metres high, this water tower stands next to the Dawson Highway, and Sam painted it in just five days, using mostly spray cans! The Moura water tower is located approximately three hours from Gladstone.

Stanthorpe Street Art

Drapl was back at it again down south in Stanthorpe, with fellow artists The Brightsiders and Treas, to bring life to walls that pay homage to the town and its roots. Armed with a scissor lift, a plethora of colours and wild imaginations, these artists transformed these walls to bring life to the town, with 20-foot letters from the heavens to the ground. This is just one of many spray paint transformations the Brisbane-based street artist has accomplished. Drapl has been in action for 23 years, leaving a trail of his artistic influence on massive silo murals and smaller canvases alike.

Point Cartwright

The ZooKeeper and Drapl this time travelled to Point Cartwright to transform this beautiful reservoir. This mammoth water tower which was completed in 2016, measures approximately 17 metres in height and 20.5 metres in diameter.

Whether you have an artistic touch or not, there’s no denying that spray painting truly transformed these once lifeless objects. We’ve made spray painting our primary focus for over three decades, and we know talent when we see it! If you have any commercial or industrial spray painting requests, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to make an inquiry or give APT Spray Painting a call on 07 3390 5721.