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Paint Your Ute Canopy - Revitalise and Respray

Paint Your Ute Canopy – Revitalise and Respray
September 26, 2023 APT Spray Painting

So you’ve got yourself a shiny new ute and want to kit it out. One of the first things you’ll probably get is a canopy to protect whatever you’re carting around. But a stock standard canopy can make your ute look pretty boring. Why not get your canopy spray-painted to match your ute? Or even in a complementary colour to make it really stand out. Not only does having your ute canopy spray painted look brilliant, but it also provides long-term protection from the sun, weather and other conditions it may be exposed to!

Here are a few reasons why getting your ute canopy spray-painted is a great idea.

Protect Your Ute Canopy From the Elements

A ute canopy provides protection for your gear and cargo, but it also takes a beating from sun, rain, and the elements. To keep your canopy looking its best and lasting longer, consider getting it spray-painted.
Spray-paint protects the canopy material, whether aluminium, steel, or fibreglass, from UV radiation which can cause fading, cracking, and premature aging. A fresh coat of paint deflects the sun’s rays and prevents damage.
It also guards against corrosion from moisture and humidity. Without protection, metal and aluminium can corrode, rust and stain. Paint forms a protective barrier against water damage and oxidation. At APT Spray Painting, we recommend a complete 2-pack paint system with a zinc primer to really ensure corrosion doesn’t set in.
A custom paint job allows you to colour-match your canopy to your ute or choose a complementary shade. This provides a seamless, integrated look rather than mismatched tones that detract from the overall appearance. Painting your canopy and ute the same colour helps transform it into one cohesive unit.
Scratches, dents, and dings are inevitable, but a spray-on paint finish hides imperfections and renews the surface. It provides an affordable solution to restore and rejuvenate an older canopy, allowing it to look as good as new.
Protecting your investment in an ute canopy is worth the cost of professional spray-painting. With the right preparation and primer, a quality paint job can last for years to come. Your gear, your ute and your wallet will thank you.

Customise the Look of Your Ute Toolbox or Canopy With Spray Paint

Customising your ute toolbox or canopy is an easy way to give your vehicle a unique look. And what better way to do that than with a custom paint job? At APT Spray Painting, we can colour-match any colour imaginable!

Benefits of a Custom Spray Paint Job

A custom spray paint finish has loads of advantages over a standard factory look:

  • It allows you to match your ute’s paint colour or choose a complementing shade. Now your canopy will seamlessly blend in with or accentuate your vehicle’s appearance.
  • You can get creative and opt for a bold, eye-catching colour that makes a statement. A bright red, neon yellow or metallic blue could do the trick!
  • Add racing stripes, flames or any graphic design you like. The options for customisation are endless.
  • You can add brand colours to make your canopy a moving billboard.
  • Protect your canopy from the elements. A fresh coat of paint seals the surface and prevents rusting, especially important for canopies made of metal or aluminium.
  • Increase your ute’s resale value. A like-new, custom paint job is an attractive selling point for potential buyers.
  • Express your unique style. A customised ute says a lot about your personality and interests. Make it a reflection of who you are!

Matching colour schemes for work fleets

Having your ute canopy spray-painted to match your work vehicle’s colour scheme is a smart move for many fleet owners and managers.

A uniform appearance

A cohesive colour scheme across all vehicles in your fleet helps to present a uniform, professional appearance to clients and customers. Whether you have a small fleet of a few utes or a large fleet with dozens of vehicles, matching canopies provide a consistent, coordinated style. This polished look inspires confidence in your business and services.

Improved brand recognition

Using your company colours, logo, and branding on your ute canopies boosts brand visibility and recognition. As your vehicles travel around the area for work, the matching canopies become moving advertisements for your business. People will associate those colours and logos with your company and the services you provide. This subtle but effective marketing can lead to new leads and clients over time.

Higher resale value

If you do decide to sell or trade in your ute, a colour-matched canopy in good condition will help maintain a higher resale value for the vehicle. The cohesive look and lack of scratches or dents on the canopy demonstrate that the ute has been well cared for, which appeals to prospective buyers. They see a fully outfitted, ready-to-work vehicle that looks professional and polished. This higher resale value means a better price for your trade-in or sale.
For many business owners, the additional upfront cost of spray-painting ute canopies is worth the investment when you consider the benefits. A uniform fleet appearance, improved brand recognition, and higher resale value—these advantages will serve your company well for years to come. And of course, for you the ute owner, it just looks sharp!

Spray Painting Provides Excellent Coverage and Durability

Getting your ute canopy spray-painted is one of the best ways to protect it from the elements while also customising its appearance. Spray paint provides complete, even coverage over the entire surface of the canopy, sealing it and giving it a durable finish.
Compared to brush painting or rolling paint on, spray painting allows the paint to be applied in thin, even layers that provide 360-degree coverage over the canopy’s curves and contours. Spray paint also penetrates deeper into cracks and crevices. This helps create a protective coating and weather-resistant seal to shield your canopy from water damage, rust, and UV radiation.
The spray painting process also allows for multiple coats to be applied, with adequate drying time between coats. Multiple coats provide extra protection and allow you to achieve an even, professional-looking finish in your choice of gloss, satin or matte sheen. With the right prep work and the application of a suitable primer, the spray painted finish can last for many years.
In addition to protection, spray painting gives you more options for customising your ute canopy to match your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of automotive paint colours and finishes to complement your ute. A professional spray painter can also do custom paint jobs like metallic, pearl or candy colours, or even airbrushed graphics and stripes if you want a bold, eye-catching look.
Spray painting your ute canopy is worth the investment. It will safeguard your canopy for the long run and allow you to personalise it to suit your style. For the best results, have the work done by a professional spray painter. They have the proper equipment, experience and skills to do the job right the first time and achieve a flawless, lasting finish. Your ute canopy provides useful utility, so protect it well and make it look good doing it!

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Ute Canopy Colour Matching

With spray painting, you have the freedom to choose any colour or finish for your ute canopy. Want a glossy red to match your vehicle? No problem. A matte black for a stealthy look? You got it. Metallic blue, forest green, desert tan – the options are endless. APT Spray Painting utilises advanced colour matching techniques to ensure you get the exact colour you want!

Match Your Ute’s Paint Job

For the best-coordinated appearance, consider selecting a colour that complements your ute’s current paintwork. A spray-on coating in the exact same shade will make your canopy seem like an integrated part of the vehicle from the factory. If you want a little contrast, choose a tone that’s slightly lighter or darker. Either way, matching the colour family of your ute’s paint job is a foolproof approach.

Choose a Functional Finish

The finish you pick can also serve a purpose. A glossy paint with a durable clear topcoat is easy to wipe clean and protects against scratches. However, a matte or satin finish hides imperfections like dents or dings better and won’t reflect as much light. For heavy-duty use over rough terrain, a textured finish provides extra grip.

So there you have it, a few solid reasons why you should consider getting your ute canopy spray-painted. Not only will it give your ute a customised look that turns heads, it protects the canopy and increases its longevity. The paint protects against weathering and rust, keeping your canopy looking showroom new for years to come. The cost is affordable and a spray-paint job will add value to your ute when it’s time to sell. What are you waiting for? Get on the phone to APT Spray Painting today and book your ute canopy or toolbox in for a colour makeover. You won’t regret it!