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How Machines Work: The Amphibious Dredging Excavator

How Machines Work: The Amphibious Dredging Excavator
December 16, 2021 APT Spray Painting

As suggested by the name, the Amphibious Dredging Excavator brings power and efficiency regardless of the site conditions.


This piece of heavy machinery is fully operational when submerged in water. It can also work in the presence of any type of soil, whether that be solid or muddy. The vehicle can move along on the ground as well as any other earthmoving machine can, due to its two side tracked floaters. The central float on this piece of heavy equipment also gives it superior stability during the floating phases on liquid surfaces.

Like other similar heavy equipment, Amphibious Dredgers can use pumps with excavators and other accessories, like the cutter head. The versatility that comes with this machinery makes it capable of facing contexts that would otherwise call for the purchase of countless other machines. With the Amphibious Dredging Excavator, dredging your way through marshy areas becomes possible too.

Versatile Dredging Machine

The Amphibious Dredging Machine is highly capable of all kinds of shallow water dredging applications. Tasks that were once only performed by multiple separate machines can now be performed by this one, versatile piece of heavy machinery.

The Amphibious Dredger’s easily interchangeable attachments allow it to perform all kinds of shallow water work, from dry ground up to a depth of 6 metres. From piling to raking to excavating or suction dredging, the Amphibious Dredger has all your dredging needs covered.

Unparalleled Mobility

This dredging machine is incredibly mobile regardless of the surface. Looking at the transport of the dredger, it can simply be transported on a standard trailer. It can even be transported as a complete unit, meaning no set-up on site is required. As well as being launched without set up time, the Amphibious Dredger can be launched without cranes and tugboats. This piece of machinery can work independently in and out of the water. With its own propulsion system, the Amphibious Dredger can get to the submerged site easily without the use of tugboats. Plus, operation of this machine is always steady, with the four stabilisers ensuring reliable anchoring and operation.

See It In Action

If you want to see how this impressive machinery works in action, look no further:

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