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We Can Bring Your Commercial Art Installation To Life

We Can Bring Your Commercial Art Installation To Life
November 24, 2020 APT Spray Painting

At APT, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing a diverse range of unique and customised commercial art installations to life. This time last year, we completed work for Stainless Aesthetics, a full service Australian design company that specialises in the design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of premium quality original projects for commercial and private applications.

For this job, we collaborated with various designers, architects and creatives to deliver their unique vision. Read on to discover how our expert team created this stunning commercial art installation.


APT follows a fine-tuned process for every single job to ensure we yield the best possible results. When it comes to our high-quality paintwork, preparation is key. These rings were bogged and sanded, then painted in first-coat primer and a dust coat. This dust coat was then sanded off to ensure that the surface was completely flat.

Colour Coats

After all the necessary preparation had taken place, our experienced painters then applied the colour. As you can see, we can do multiple colours in one job. After the paint cures, we mask off the different colour areas to ensure the paint colours do not interfere with each other. The paint thickness gets measured along the way with wet film thickness gauges and is checked again with our Elcometer once the film is completely dry.


Finishing Touches

The requirements of this project saw APT collaborate with well-established industry professionals. After the colours were applied, we installed the intricate vinyl decals supplied by the expert team at ASign Design. We then spray painted the clear, UV stable, anti-graffiti clear coat over the entire job. Stainless Aesthetics were delighted with the result, which was delivered on time, at an affordable price.


We were honoured to help create this vibrant art installation. At APT Spray Painting, we create an exact colour match to ensure continuity and are always more than happy to follow any style guide or technical specifications that our clients provide us with. We know our clients expect nothing less than the best. To find out more about the diverse range of spray painting services we offer, be sure to get in touch.