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Top 10 Cool Engineering Gadgets of 2019

Top 10 Cool Engineering Gadgets
September 17, 2019 APT Spray Painting

At APT Spray Painting, we service many different industries and have come to appreciate the engineering sector immensely and all of the amazing trends that they get started. We’ve painted almost everything you can think of before, but we can’t wait for the future when we can get our hands on some of these feats of engineering to give them a makeover!

Bendable wheels

WHAT? That’s right, bendable wheels. Michelin Tyres have designed a wheel which gets its ability from Acorus Technology in which rubber flanges attached to the wheel absorb shocks from rough roads or debris. Absolutely insane! Imagine how great a set of these bad boys will look once we get our hands on them.

Hands-free oreo dispenser

Yep, you heard right, a hands-free Oreo dispenser! Now, this isn’t new tech, but it’s worth mentioning for those who love Oreos and those who love engineering! How many times have you been in the shed or at work and your hands are filthy, but you’ve got a packet of those deliciously decadent chocolate biscuits on the bench, and all you want to do is chow down? Hit the link to see how to make one, and we can perform a unique Oreo theme paint job on it once you’ve built it!

Rapid evacuation slide

While we probably can’t paint this slide, we are blown away by this creative invention! Imagine how many potential lives can be saved from fires in buildings or when a quick evacuation is required, and taking the elevator or stairs isn’t an option.

The smart baby stroller

Called ‘Smartbe’, this smart baby stroller takes the same technology which driverless cars use on the highway to keep their distance from the vehicles in front and applies it to mothers who are yearning to go for a jog without having to worry about pushing the pram. It features 3 navigation modes and has an in-built motor which propels it. APT Spray Painting would be able to customise this slick stroller any way the customer desired!

Robot cleaner for BBQ

Summer is almost here, and we all know what that means; BBQs and beers! It’s un-Australian not to fire up the BBQ on a summer afternoon and suck back a cold one while we laugh with our friends and family, but no one jumps to clean the grill afterwards. This is where Grillbot steps in and helps out. Driven by a sophisticated CPU, this puppy will take care of all the hard work while you sit back and relax.

Fords lane-keeping bed

Almost every person who has ever shared a bed with someone will know the feeling of waking up with either no room to breathe, let alone move or they’re so close to the edge they might fall off. Ford has developed a smart bed which automatically adjusts depending on where the occupants lay on it. At APT Spray Painting, we know we’d definitely like to have this at home after a long day of spraying!

Deep Cleaning Lasers

This would make our life at APT Spray Painting SO easy! This new technology removes the need for bead or sandblasting and uses lasers to remove rust and oxidation from metal objects in a matter of seconds. It’s also noise-free and doesn’t damage the metal in any way! The developing company guarantees more than 50,000 hours of laser use before maintenance is required, which is a bloody long time.

Foot-activated door lock

Keys and deadbolts are a thing of the past with this foot-activated door lock. Not only is it sleek, but it’s incredibly durable. Made from a mix of military-grade metal, nylon, steel and industrial polycarbonates, no one is going to be kicking this down anytime soon. Activated by a remote or an app on smart devices, there is no need to worry about losing your keys now.

Helmet cooling fan

Having been in the construction service industry for a while now, we know how hot hard hats can be when it’s summertime. This remarkable creation comes from the brains trust at Tajima Seiro, a Japanese company. Given that temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celcius in Japan in the summer, just like it does here, I’m sure there are a few boys and girls who could benefit from these down under. Be careful on-site, though; you might cop some grief from those who wish they had one!

Hydraulic Nut Splitter

We sure could have used one of these a couple of times when we’ve been disassembling construction or heavy metal machinery to prep it for paint. Often rust will seize nuts onto their bolts, and there will be no way to break them free, without cutting them off. When doing so, you risk damaging the thread, but with this method, the thread is not compromised! Fastorq nailed the brief on this one with their AutoSPLITTER!

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