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Machines and What They Do: An Insider’s Look at the Lagoon Crawler

Machines and What They Do: An Insider’s Look at the Lagoon Crawler
October 16, 2023 APT Spray Painting

Ever wondered what that strange-looking vehicle puttering around rural lagoons in Australia is? Chances are you’ve spotted the lagoon crawler, an amphibious workhorse that’s essential for maintaining the country’s farmlands and fields. You’re about to get an insider’s look at this peculiar piece of equipment that’s vital in keeping Australia’s famous beaches and lagoons pristine.
The lagoon crawler may not win any beauty contests but don’t be fooled by its unglamorous exterior. This odd-looking duckling is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating and depleting lagoons.
Strap yourself in, you’re about to go behind the wheel of this amphibious oddity. After this insider’s tour, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the lagoon crawler.

What Is a Lagoon Crawler and How Does It Work?

So what exactly is a lagoon crawler and how does it work? A lagoon crawler is an amphibious vehicle designed specifically for agitating lagoons. It essentially functions as both a vehicle and an agitation boat. Equipped with wheels that can drop down, the lagoon crawler has a ground clearance of approximately 1.5 metres, allowing it to drive into lagoons. Once in the water, it pumps the water, thus agitating the contents of the lagoon. And, it’s capable of spraying the nutrience directly from the lagoon onto nearby fields and crops through the impressive Nuhn Header Series manure pump.

This is particularly useful for tasks such as mixing manure or other substances in lagoons. Once the lagoon is empty, there’s no need to bring in earth-moving equipment to relocate any sand or minerals at the bottom becuase the Lagoon Crawler pump takes solid material from the lagoon floor, agitates it and sprays it out wherever the operator desires.

The Many Uses of a Lagoon Crawler in Australia

Agitating Liquid Manure Lagoons: The lagoon crawler is primarily used for agitating liquid manure lagoons. It can efficiently mix and stir the contents of the lagoons to ensure proper nutrient distribution and prevent solids from settling at the bottom.
Agricultural Operations: Farms and agricultural facilities that deal with manure management can benefit from the lagoon crawler. It aids in the process of breaking down manure, improving its consistency, and making it easier to handle and spread as fertilizer on fields.

Environmental Benefits: By effectively agitating lagoons, the lagoon crawler helps reduce odours and the release of harmful gases associated with manure storage. This contributes to improving air quality and minimizing environmental impact.
Nutrient Management: Properly agitated lagoons facilitate the even distribution of nutrients in manure, which can enhance crop growth and reduce the risk of nutrient runoff into water sources. This can be particularly valuable for sustainable agricultural practices.
Accessibility in Challenging Terrains: The lagoon crawler’s amphibious capability allows it to access lagoons located in challenging terrains such as wetlands or areas with limited access. Its ability to traverse both land and water makes it a versatile option for various locations.

Nuhn Industries’s Lagoon Crawler

The manufacturer of the lagoon crawler is Nuhn Industries Ltd. Nuhn is a Canadian company that specialises in manufacturing agricultural equipment, including manure handling and liquid manure management solutions. They are known for their innovative products, such as the Nuhn Lagoon Crawler, which is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons. Nuhn Industries has been in operation since 1902 and has established a reputation for producing reliable and efficient equipment for the agricultural industry.

Control System

The new Bellypack feature of the Crawler enables Proportional Control, offering precise control through feedback mechanisms. This advanced control system ensures the agitation process is not only safer but also consistently reliable. By adjusting the pressure on the drive joystick, operators can control the speed of the Crawler. Additionally, other functions like steering and the agitation cannon are also proportional, allowing for seamless and proportional control over the entire machine.

GPS Integration

With the lagoon crawler, users have the ability to save up to 8 fence posts, establishing a boundary for the crawler to operate within. Once the boundaries are set, the crawler will move around randomly within this area. To ensure efficient operation, the crawler is equipped with Speed Control. This feature automatically adjusts the speed based on the wind direction. When moving with the wind, the crawler slows down to optimize performance, while it increases speed to overcome wind resistance when moving against it. This ensures smooth and controlled movement in various wind conditions.