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How To Better Protect Structures From Concrete Cancer

How To Better Protect Structures From Concrete Cancer
November 24, 2020 APT Spray Painting

Aesthetics aren’t the only thing that improves with a professional coat of spray paint. Sure adding a crisp layer of quality paint makes an item look extraordinary, but professional spray painting is an effective way to protect any item from the elements and can dramatically increase the life expectancy of materials like metal. 

At APT Spray Painting, we have done several jobs for embedded metals, which are usually steel frames that will be surrounded by concrete. Our high quality 2 pack paint solution creates a water-resistant layer between metal and the outside conditions to protect from oxidation. 

For example, this unusual steel frame will live its life housed in concrete as a support structure. In the future, if any corrosion occurs to the frame, it will expand and destroy the integrity of the surrounding concrete – which will be impossible to repair and extremely expensive and difficult to replace. 

Rust Is A Building Killer

Rust occurs when metal is exposed to oxygen. You may be thinking that setting the frame in concrete would protect it from corrosion; however, over time, small cracks and leaks in the concrete can expose the supports. When a metal, such as steel, starts to rust, it expands and applies pressure to the surrounding concrete which can eventually cause cracking, delamination and spalling. This process is called concrete cancer and can take a massive toll from your bank account to fix. 

To prevent concrete cancer and save money/time in the long run, these sorts of jobs should follow the requirements of a robust paint specification. In this instance, the client didn’t have a paint specification, so they came to the experts at APT Spray Painting to ensure the right paint system was picked for the job. 

The client was asked our customer service questions so we could guarantee the best product.  

Our expert staff followed the steps below to ensure a long life expectancy for this frame: 

  • Abrasive blast the frame
  • Air clean and jig the frame immediately after blasting, so the spray painter can access all of the faces and angles of the item
  • Apply a modified epoxy barrier primer coat that is designed to give long term protection and will continue to cure when immersed in water. The epoxy has an excellent cathodic disbondment resistance (dry film thickness measured at 500 microns) 
  • Leave to cure
  • Finally, coat a two-component epoxy finish coat with a 75 micron DFT.

The frame is now ready for installation and will be much more durable than an untreated version. 

Get a paint job that will prevent concrete cancer. At APT Spray Painting, we are experts in industrial spray painting. We can spray paint any plant, machinery or equipment that fits in our semi-downdraft booth and curing room. We’re more than happy to complete a job to your required specs and regulations – no matter how niche they may be. To learn more about our services and how we can help your business, get in touch with us today!