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Commercial spray painting for high-quality finishes

Commercial spray painting for high-quality finishes
February 6, 2019 APT Spray Painting

All project managers know how important it is that their object not only looks good but that they are protected and free of dust and rust.
That’s why they turn to commercial spray painting! By carefully and meticulously painting your object in a climate controlled environment, commercial spray painting can provide a high-quality finish to almost any object.

Whether it’s wood or plastic, a wide variety of products can be spray painted.

When it comes to variety, commercial spray painting can’t be beaten. Unlike powder coating, which can only be applied to metal due to the high temperatures needed for application, our professional spray painters can spray paint a wide range of materials. This includes glass, various metals, steel, plastic, wood and carbon fibre. We can also spray paint a variety of shapes and sizes, from small machine parts and vehicle accessories to large plant equipment and construction materials. If you want to find out more about what objects we can spray paint in our professional spray paint booth, contact our expert spray paint team today!

From military to construction, we can spray paint for any industry.

When it comes to commercial spray painting in Brisbane, a wide variety of industries are in need of high-quality spray painted products. Whether it’s defence contractors needing to paint military equipment or engineering professionals who need to spray paint large industrial equipment, at APT Spray Painting, our team of professional Brisbane spray painters work with a wide variety of industries. By providing high-quality commercial spray painting finishes within a quick turnaround time, we can ensure your project is kept on time while also delivering you a professionally spray painted product.

High-quality, dust-free commercial spray painting in Brisbane.

The reason why we can provide such high-quality spray painting in Brisbane is because we spray your objects in a spray paint booth. Instead of spray painting outdoors, our spray painting booth is designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for commercial spray painting, which allows us to acquire a smooth finish on a product. Not only is spray painting in a booth more environmentally friendly, but it also stops dust and particles landing on your objects during the painting process. This ensures that you receive a product with a smooth finish, free of any bumps or uneven surfaces. Our booth is also climate controlled, meaning we can test your industrial and marine spray painted objects under different dew points, humidity levels and atmospheric temperatures.

Want to find out more about how you can get high-quality spray paint finishes in Brisbane? Talk to our experienced spray painters about we can help your project today!