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Why Our Long Term Customers Keep Coming Back Again & Again

Why Our Long Term Customers Keep Coming Back Again & Again
October 6, 2020 APT Spray Painting

At APT, around 95% of our customers are long term business customers who have been dealing with us for many years. We invest a lot of discretionary effort into our relationships with clients by ensuring that we always go the extra mile. For example, we’ll find a paint specification that will meet the needs of our client’s customers, which in turn helps them to win quotes. Heavy industries in Australia are highly competitive, so we all need to be good at our jobs to flourish.

Our key message is that we understand our clients’ work and what’s required for them to do a successful job.

The hooking case photographed below is the perfect example of this. We’ve been painting hooking cases like these for many years, so we know the specification of what exactly is needed for the paint job. We know where to mask before sandblasting, what brand and type of primer is required, the necessary dry film thickness, what brand and type of topcoat is needed, what colour of topcoat is needed and again the required dry film thickness.

In this ‘case’, the customer was a Project & Workshop Manager in a busy engineering firm. We were able to give him peace of mind knowing that the job was guaranteed to be completed properly without him having to talk us through every detail of the paint spec or do regular progress checkups. This left our customer with the time he needed to get on with his job, which is highly valuable, considering that time is money for many of our customers.

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