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Top 5 Common Painting Mistakes

Top 5 Common Painting Mistakes
December 9, 2019 APT Spray Painting

When it comes to some painting projects you can get away with doing a bit of a DIY job or hiring freelance spray painters. However, when it comes to business, you need a professional.  We have seen customers attempt to take on big, industrial and commercial projects that require professional spray painting and a high-quality finish. Often, in these situations, major mistakes are made and the whole thing quickly goes south. Below is a list of the most common mistakes we see people make when it comes to painting projects:

Lack of Preparation

Have you ever heard the expression, failure to prepare is preparing to fail? Well, that’s definitely the case when it comes to painting. A high-quality finish isn’t just about the final coat that you’re using but in actual fact, it starts with how you prep the object you’ll be painting, as well as the surrounding area. You must ensure that you remove any dirt, dust, grease, residue or wax to ensure an even and smooth finish. You must also ensure that you use the correct products for any given substrate. At APT Spray Painting, we say that a well-prepared substrate is like building your house on solid foundations.

Leaving your Sprayer Uncleaned

After you have completed a job you should always make sure that your spray gun is thoroughly cleaned out. Failure to clean your spray gun will allow dirt, dust and paint to build-up making your next painting job very difficult. If you don’t clean your spray gun properly you will end up with a very clumpy and uneven paint distribution as well as a spray gun that’s very difficult to maintain.

Over Spraying

If you’re not very experienced when it comes to spray painting, it’s easy to assume that the more paint you use, the better. However, this isn’t the case. Overspraying is a pretty expensive bad habit since it ends up wasting a lot of your paint by landing on the surrounding areas rather than on the object you are trying to paint.

Spraying too Close

Similar to overspraying, standing too close to the object while you’re spraying is one of the most common painting mistakes. Without the correct distance between nozzle and surface, it’s likely you will get uneven, tacky results.  It’s recommended that you stand 200-300 mm away.

Uneven Strokes

When spray painting, it’s vital that you keep your hand movements fluid and consistent so as not to create more paint build up on certain parts of the object. This is a difficult skill to master at first and so uneven strokes are a common problem. You should also overlap your strokes to stop lines between strokes from becoming visible.

At APT, we work with clients from a massive range of industries. Our 5 step process has been thoroughly tried and tested, plus we never compromise on quality. If you would like to learn more about our spray painting services or how we can help your business, get in touch with us today!