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Top 10 Australian Architecture Trends of 2019

Top 10 Australian Architecture Trends
June 12, 2019 APT Spray Painting

Are you looking for inspiration for an upcoming renovation? Whether you want a sustainable design or would like to champion natural materials, there is sure to be an architecture trend to suit your style. Keep reading to discover our top 10 architecture trends in Australia.

Circles and curves

For many years, the best Australian architects have utilised curves on residential property facades. In recent times, this trend has started to filter down into the mainstream market. This styling trend is used to maximise space on tight sites, as well as introduce a feeling of integration with the surrounding environment.

Above ground pools

If you’ve ever been to a new house located close to the city, it probably features an above ground swimming pool. These pools are usually small in size and provide the perfect alternative to a large in-ground pool. Ideal for smaller inner-city blocks, an above ground pool can create a calming oasis for relaxation, even when surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a concrete jungle.

Natural materials

Last year, there was a popular trend of industrial style aesthetics in residential buildings. This year, we’ve seen more of a focus on natural materials and colours. Concrete, exposed hand-crafted brickwork now replaces glass and metal cladding. The way natural materials weather, age and change, over the lifespan of these homes, makes them more desirable to clients.

Small designs

Sky high prices are limiting the choice of property buyers can afford. Now, more than ever before, buyers are opting for smaller blocks featuring innovative design. People are shifting towards the simplification of spaces; meaning builds need to be very concise and purposeful. Often these small houses have a framework which needs to be painted before it’s erected, and APT Spray Painting can complete such a task.

Prep Kitchens

For years, the kitchen was the centrepiece of the Australian home. It was the central entertaining area, often situated close to the living area. One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed in 2019, is the influx of ‘prep kitchens’. These prep kitchens are hidden off to the side of the main kitchen. The purpose is to allow rubbish collection, appliance use and dishwashing to occur out of sight.


Speaking from more of an aesthetic point of view, textures are becoming increasingly trendy as we become more aware of eco-friendly and sustainable homes. As stated before, natural materials are very on-trend as they add to the textural aesthetic of the property.

Open Spaces

If the block size allows for it, open spaces are very in trend for 2019 architecture. ‘Open plan living’ is nothing new, but the style still resonates with those who have space for such a build. Young families still enjoy multi-use rooms that serve more than one purpose.

Clever storage

Even though the Swedish giant IKEA started this trend, it has been picked up in a big way by designers looking to maximises both small and large spaces. In a small space, it’s obvious why clever storage is a necessity. Similarly, in an open plan living space, thoughtfully designed storage is used to remove and hide clutter, adding to the ‘open feel’ of a room. APT Spray painting has extensive experience in painting lockers and storage devices that still need to function perfectly, even once they’ve been painted.

Smart home technology

Anyone who has a smartphone (which is almost everyone), knows the level of versatility they provide to their life. Smart home technology is exactly the same thing. If you don’t feel like getting up to switch lights on and off, there is no need. It is all controlled from the comfort of your phone. There is another massive benefit to smart home technology, and that is the ability to control heating, cooling and lighting to make the home more energy efficient.


As energy prices increase, architects are urging clients to implement sustainable features into their builds. Some of these features include uPVC window frames, efficient insulation, multi-pane windows and smart appliances. APT Spray Painting can paint uPVC window frames to colour match your existing house or provide swatches for you to choose your new colour palette.

Whatever your desire, APT Spray Painting is able to help you paint light fixtures, fittings or anything else pertaining to your home. We love tricky jobs and there is a reason we’ve been in business for 30 years and have the best reviews. Contact APT Spray Painting to get a quote today!