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    marine boat being spray painted white in a professional spray booth

    Marine Spray Painting – Benefits and Why so Many People Do It

    - by apt-admin

    Marine-quality spray painting. Items in marine environments are more prone to corrosion and rust, so a professional, protective spray system keeps materials protected for longer.

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    brightly coloured, spray painted playground

    Playground Painting: A Job for the Experts

    - by APT Spray Painting

    At APT Spray Painting, we have worked with the Brisbane Council to complete several public installations. Our paint systems can protect your playground from rust and corrosion while also being durable enough to endure kids touching it for years!

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    Machine Winterisation Tips

    - by APT Spray Painting

    Even though we don’t get icy afternoons, winter can still drop close to or below zero in certain areas and cause damage to your expensive machines and heavy equipment.

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    Painting John Deere Equipment

    - by Aidan

    Professionally painting John Deere equipment means you can cover your assets with the best spray systems that will withstand the tough work conditions while also creating a barrier from rust-inducing environments.