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Is There A Difference Between Commercial & Industrial Spray Painting?

Is There A Difference Between Commercial & Industrial Spray Painting?
December 21, 2021 APT Spray Painting

As a business owner looking for professional spray painting services, you have probably stumbled across the terms ‘industrial spray painting’ and ‘commercial spray painting’. Often, these terms are mistakenly used interchangeably. But in reality, there are key differences between the services, ‘commercial spray painting’ and ‘industrial spray painting’. To learn how commercial spray painting differs from industrial spray painting and which type of spray paint will work best for your needs, read on.

Commercial Spray Painting

Commercial spray painting needs to be durable enough to withstand high levels of contact. Time, care and expert attention to detail are required for commercial spray painting jobs.

One example of commercial spray painting is professional signage. Professional signage needs to be treated with superior quality paintwork and be completed by a professional spray painting business. For a flawless finish, APT Spray Painting uses our professional spray painting booth for both our commercial and industrial spray painting jobs.

Here are some examples of commercial signage projects APT Spray Painting have completed:

Another example of professional commercial spray painting is the spray painting of lighting fixtures. APT Spray Painting routinely completes commercial lighting spray painting projects, as shown below.

Industrial Spray Painting

Industrial spray painting, on the other hand, serves a distinctly different purpose to commercial spray painting. The main purpose of industrial spray painting is to provide protection from external elements that may harm the item being spray painted. Industrial spray painting services are routinely requested by those in the mining, manufacturing, engineering and transport industries.

APT Spray Painting uses heavy-duty UV stable paint systems engineered to withstand heat, wear and tear for many of our industrial spray paint jobs.

An example is this receiver tank job APT Spray Painting completed. This receiver tank is housed outdoors and was in structurally good condition, but the constant exposure to the sun and the elements meant that the UV protective paint coating was flaking off. If the tank wasn’t repainted soon, it was going to start to rust.

APT Spray Painting applied multiple coats of a high-quality full gloss, UV stable, polyurethane 2-pack top coat. At this stage, we had already colour matched the new paint to the existing colour on the tank. We opted for polyurethane paint because of its smooth, ‘self-cleaning’ properties. The UV stability of the paint was vital as this tank lives in full sun exposure.

The types of industrial spray painting we use depend on the product being treated. For items used in marine environments, APT Spray Painting uses a zinc-rich coating system to extend the life of these products.

APT Spray Painting Has Your Commercial & Industrial Spray Painting Needs Covered

APT Spray Painting is highly experienced in completing both commercial and industrial spray painting projects. Our team has the expertise and experience to spray paint your industrial machinery or commercial assets with the right paint, and with the right technique. To enquire about our professional spray painting services, be sure to get in touch with our expert team.