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What industries do you work with?

What industries do you work with?
May 28, 2021 sam

We work with a wide and diverse range of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing industries that produce steel and need their items painted in a custom colour.
  • Enclosures – fire pump enclosures, switchboards, electrical enclosures, housings.
  • Lighting – high-end lighting fixtures that need extra protection.
  • Engineering & Industrial – Heavy machinery or vehicles that need a robust and heavy-duty paint system to protect them from deterioration.
  • Construction – Supports, features and machinery to give them advanced protection measures from things like concrete cancer, rust, oxidation, etc.
  • Street Art items that want a vibrant and protective paint coat that looks great and improves the longevity of an item.
  • Marine & Aquatic – Our paint systems offer protection from water corrosion and rust which are common problems in marine environments. As such, our services are frequently used in aquatic environments.
  • Signage that needs colours to be reliable and expected to last a certain period of time without fading or being damaged.

For more examples see our services.