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Brisbane’s Must-See Public Art Trails

Brisbane’s Must-See Public Art Trails
October 23, 2020 APT Spray Painting

Public art is a vital part of any town or city; adding personality and bringing life to an otherwise stark backdrop of cement buildings and pavement. Brisbane has continued to grow and thrive when it comes to the local art scene. With more and more public art trails becoming available to the wider community showcasing talented Australian artists, there’s no time like the present to get outdoors and enjoy what Brisbane’s public art trails have to offer.

Kingsford Smith Drive

One of the most recent trails to pop up is the newly completed corridor upgrade that runs alongside the Brisbane River. Featuring the ‘Magnificent Flying Machines’ series by artist Kenji Uranishi, the bright multi-coloured installations are the result of inspiration from history-making aviation heroes Sir Charles Kingsford Smith who made the first transpacific flight from the United States to Australia and Maude ‘Lores’ Bonney; the first woman to fly solo from Australia to the UK. As the Queensland summer begins to roll around, this trail is perfect for late afternoons to wander down the path and check out the various artworks along the way.

‘Magnificent Flying Machines’ (2019), Kenji Uranishi, Cameron Rocks Reserve, Hamilton

Contemporary Art & Architecture

Thanks to an incredibly worthwhile collaboration between the council and private sector, this project has really shone a spotlight on the high quality of art within the community. With a large portion of this trail located in lobbies, laneways and integrated into the design of buildings, the trail takes people through the CBD from the district courts to Albert Lane, and along George Street. A brisk 1.8-kilometre walk, this art trail should take around an hour to complete and the best part is that you can take a trip over the bridge to visit GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery once you’re done!

Cultural Heritage

A short 1.3-kilometre walk through the city soaking up historical memorials and heritage-listed works of art, this art trail is perfect for anyone who has a keen interest in the story of Brisbane and putting the pieces of history together. Highlighting the works of two local sculptors who made names for themselves, Leonard Shillam and Daphne Mayo, the walk showcases a mix of sculptures, war memorials, and gargoyles. Most notably, the oldest piece of art is the 1892 sculpture ‘Bishop Quinn’ by Achille Simonetti who migrated to Brisbane in 1871.

At APT Spray Painting, the diverse range of items our expert team are able to work with continue to excite and amaze us. In particular, street art projects and art installations have always been an interesting addition to our list of capabilities. We’ve helped create a fair a few of Brisbane’s public art pieces. For more information, contact us today and find out how we can spray paint your commercial or industrial or assets.