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Bring Your Business into the Next Decade

Bring Your Business into the Next Decade
March 19, 2020 APT Spray Painting

With the start of the new decade, we’ve seen some of our customers doing some really cool and innovative updates to the interior and exterior of their businesses. If you’re looking for inspiration to help bring your business into 2020, check out these ideas and examples below to get your creative juices flowing:

New Signage

New signage for your business may be exactly what you need to get the attention of potential customers. Your signage is often the very first impression people get of your business and can make or break whether they stop for a longer glance or decide to pop in. We’ve seen big, bold block letters and numbers like the ones below becoming increasingly popular.

What’s more, fresh signage helps to maintain a professional image and opting for the colour scheme of your branding will help to project a polished and appealing impression.

Spray Commercial Fitout

Most businesses feature some kind of commercial fitting, whether it be switchboards, display cases, mannequins, lecterns, feature frames, and architectural lighting. The problem is as soon as these items begin to look a bit tired and worn, it brings down the entire appearance of your interior making it feel a bit drab.

Luckily, you can completely revamp any piece of equipment with a coat or two of spray paint. Not only will this make the fittings look brand new but it will also help to inject fun and modern pops of colour into your business.

A New Art Installation

Modern art is very on-trend right now, so much so that some businesses are taking inspiration from the art movement when designing their interior. It’s the perfect way to create a more interesting and visually appealing space.

With projects as shown above that our services have been enlisted to paint the finished product.

Have your Machinery Painted

If your business is the kind that requires machinery of any kind, then you have the perfect opportunity to do something a bit unique. Rather than having the usual boring steel or metal, you can have the machinery spray painted to create a more polished and quirky look.

Not only does this help to modernise your business but it’s also an excellent investment since it helps to protect and reinforce your expensive machinery.

At APT Spray Painting, we can paint any kind of plant, machinery or equipment that fits in our booth, and let us tell you- the booth is huge! We offer every kind of spray painting service from airbrush and airless to pressure feed and electrostatic. To learn more about how we can help you to update your business and bring it into the new decade, get in touch with us today!