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5 Hilarious *Do Not Try At Home* Spray Paint Fails & Experiments

5 Hilarious *Do Not Try At Home* Spray Paint Fails & Experiments
September 18, 2020 APT Spray Painting

At APT we pretty much eat, breathe and sleep spray paint (not literally eat though, that would be pretty stupid), so we love coming across some seriously cool spray paint-related content online. From some crazy experiments to beautiful art to epic spray paint fails, we’ve gathered up some of our favourite videos for you to enjoy! Though we really don’t recommend that you try some of these at home…

Axe Throwing With A Twist

We don’t know what it is, but there’s just something so satisfying about watching these cans of spray paint explode! Who would have thought? It definitely results in some pretty funky paint effects but don’t worry; we treat our customers’ assets with much more attention to detail than this.

Fancy Dress Gone Wrong?

We can only assume (or perhaps hope) that this was a very misguided attempt at dressing up like the tin man for Halloween. If it was, we at least hope he won some kind of ‘best costume’ award. Still definitely wouldn’t recommend trying it though. This is by far one of the worst spray paint fails we’ve seen.

A Work Of Art In Less Than 3 Minutes

We’re in love with this painting created entirely out of spray paint! Most people assume that you need a paintbrush to create a work of art this impressive but this style of painting is so creative and has an outstanding final result, not to mention we find these kinds of videos very soothing to watch. Wouldn’t you love to be on a tropical island right now watching the sunset?

A Mega Portrait

This street artist begins painting what seems to simply be lines and blobs with her spray paint, but as the video progresses, you see the canvas transformed into a vast and incredibly lifelike portrait. This artist is enormously talented and knows her way around a can of spray paint and a canvas.

One-Of-A-Kind Shoes

With a bit of spray paint and hydro dipping, you can customise pretty much anything with your very own one of a kind pattern. We love how unique these Converse shoes look. If you feel like attempting this at home, we recommend that you start off hydro dipping some inexpensive items because it’s not as easy as it looks and requires a bit of practice.

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