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5 Uncommon Objects That Can Be Spray Painted

5 Uncommon Objects That Can Be Spray Painted
August 27, 2019 APT Spray Painting

Everyone has seen nick-nacks or things that they’ve thought would look great if they had a new lease of life. Perhaps it’s those uncommon objects around the house that you’ve simply forgotten about since they’re not visually appealing anymore, or maybe they’ve been sat outside in the yard for so long that they’re looking a little worse for wear. Whatever the case, APT Spray Painting has decided to share a list of 5 uncommon things that you may have thought couldn’t be spray painted, but when professionally overhauled, they look even better than when they were new!

1. Curtain rods


Curtain rods are one of our favourites. These are usually tired and worn and often out of sight since they’re hidden by curtains. However, curtain rods are a great addition to a beautiful set of curtains when they’ve been transformed. The beauty of spray paint is that any surface can be painted. It doesn’t matter if your curtain rods are made from metal, wood or plastic. Whatever they’re compiled of, APT Spray Painting can transform them. We’re experts in spray painting and take the necessary precautions to ensure adhesion is promoted. Whether that means preparing wooden surfaces with a bit of sanding or applying the correct primer to plastic or metal, we’re happy to do it!

2. Door handles/hardware

Think about it, these are what people see when they first enter your house and what you probably look at, day in, day out. Guests are either going to grab the metal door knocker to let you know they’ve arrived, or once inside they’re going to open and close doors. If it’s your own home, you’d look at them a lot more than anyone else. Door knobs, handles and hardware can be transformed with a bit of spray painting, and you probably didn’t even know it was possible. Metallic objects are easily prepared by our expert painters after a thorough inspection to ensure there are no faults or damages which require repair for painting.

3. Metal farm baskets

You’d probably not even realise, but these fetch a pretty penny in antique stores these days. Often these farm baskets have been handed down from grandparents and people aren’t too keen on having an aged, patina metal basket in their living room. Thankfully, 2-pack spray paint is highly durable and when these baskets have been prepared properly, the finish will last for decades to come. Often with metal objects such as these, our expert team will use an abrasive media to clean and prepare the item. Hand sanding only goes so far on raw metals, whereas sandblasting is a more uniform method of preparing objects.

4. Plant pots

Clay or terracotta plant pots will become weathered when left outside. Water from the tap contains levels of calcium and other minerals that are fine to consume, but after a prolonged period of contact with certain objects, these minerals will start to stain. Terracotta pots that have a raw finish are a perfect example of this. Have you ever noticed your pots starting to develop a sort of white stain after a while? This is called efflorescence. Maybe they’re starting to get covered in mould or maybe they’re just dirty. APT Spray Painting can refinish and refurbish any of your plant pots that you want to give a new lease of life. We recommend sealing them before painting so that the clay is protected from the elements. Our team is well versed in all painting applications and get the job done right, the first time we do it.

5. Wicker chairs


Wicker chairs are a favourite for many people. Some people like the rustic look, but that trend is starting to fade and solid colours are making their way back into interior design trends of 2019. The key to any good painting job (as you’ve probably learnt by now) is preparation. Wicker chairs can be quite tedious to prepare, and often people get fed up with the job halfway through and start spraying before preparing the object correctly. You can rest assured that at APT Spray Painting, this will not occur. Not only do our experienced painters love what they do, but they also take pride in it. No job is allowed to enter the booth until all preparation has been completed to the highest level. We’ve spray painted various wicker chairs, tables and baskets, all of which turned out incredibly well, and our clients were thrilled with the finished product.

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