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5 Things you should Never Paint

5 Things you should Never Paint
January 20, 2020 APT Spray Painting

When it comes to spray painting, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty enthusiastic about it. Spray painting is what our business is all about, however, we know where to draw the line. There are certain items that simply shouldn’t be spray painted and we’ve listed the top 5 below:


Lately, there’s been an increasingly popular trend of having a colourful oven in your commercial kitchen- particularly with more and more restaurants having open kitchens visible to patrons. A coloured oven is a perfect way to add a splash of vibrancy and colour to a space that is otherwise pretty industrial and neutrally coloured. However, spray painting the oven in your commercial kitchen is not the way to get on board with this trend. The heat of the oven will likely damage the paint leaving you with an oven that looks worse than before you spray painted it. Your best bet is to simply replace your oven or wait until you need a new one then buy a coloured one.


Whoever came up with the idea of revamping a sofa by spray painting it, obviously didn’t think the whole thing through. If you have couches in the lobby of your hotel or as a seating option in your cafe, you should think twice before you attempt to spray paint them- the fact that there are online tutorials and youtube videos on how to do it, doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. The fabric of a couch will absorb the majority of the paint you apply to it meaning that, in order to achieve your desired colour, you will need to apply an absurd amount of layers with long wait times in between sprays to ensure the previous layer has fully dried. Even if you are prepared to invest this time, money and effort the final result will likely be a couch that feels a bit like sandpaper. The shape and form of a couch is constantly changing depending on who’s sitting on it, meaning your paint is almost guaranteed to end up cracking and peeling.

Bathroom Tiles

Almost every business has a bathroom for their customers. It may be tempting to try to update the look of your bathroom with a coat of spray paint on the tiles, especially if they’re looking a bit worn or grubby. While tiles are ordinarily a good candidate for spray painting, bathroom tiles are a no-no. The location of bathroom tiles means that they will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis which will eventually corrode the paint on the tiles. It’s better to invest in a new set of tiles that come in your desired colour.


It’s pretty common for bars, restaurants, cafes and hotel lobbies to have a piano. It’s a beautiful feature that’s perfect for helping create an atmosphere in your business. If your piano is looking a bit old or tired and you’re thinking of spray painting it, you probably shouldn’t. Spray painting a piano can irreparably damage it as an instrument meaning that you will affect the quality of sound. Instead, you should contact a piano restoration professional.

Electronic Appliances

In 2020, chances are that your business features an appliance like a television, speaker system or some other form of electronics. You may be tempted to spray paint these items in order to modernise your interior or perhaps create more of a funky overall finish. However, spray-painting electronics is likely to damage appliances and there’s a chance that you may break the item completely. What’s worse is that you’ll automatically void the warranty which means that if you do damage the appliance, you’ll have to pay for the repair out of your own pocket.

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